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Stoje Dual

We are in a group of former CEOs and global leaders who help other leaders including CEOs, emerging CEOs and the next generation of business leaders of subsidiaries, divisions and country operations in a wide variety of global organisations.

Management pyramid


We do this through One-to-One Coaching and Mentoring and we are involved because of the client’s desire to excel and do better. The emphasis is on helping the client to contribute to:

  • Improvement in Performance of the Client’s leadership and capability
  • Improvement in the Client’s Personal Development and these two areas will i.a. lead to:
  • Improvement in Profit of the Clients business.


coachingAndMentoringWhen we help business leaders to be better we focus on four areas:

  • Strategy
    • Direction
  • Operations
    • Day-to-day actions and systems aligned with strategies 
  • Personal 
    • Relationships 
    • Awareness 
    • Skills / Development & Growth 
  • Political 
    • Corporate Culture


“Sometimes the most important thing in a communication is to listen to what is not said.”