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Usually there are four areas a leader needs to look into:

1. Strategic needs having to do with direction of the enterprise and the broad choices that will equip it best to thrive.
A vision of the future and the path to get there through a corporate platform by defining Values, Driving forces, Critical skills, Business idea, Vision and How to get there.

2. Operational needs pertaining to how the enterprise operates day to day and the processes and systems it depends on for routine forward motion in the most cost-effective way.
Information and techniques to maximise near-team effectiveness by diagnosing problems, analyze conditions to clarify root causes and find solutions within:

  • Customer relations
  • Internal support systems
  • Internal competency
  • Innovation

3. Political needs involving the nature of interpersonal relationships, internal competition for influence, and the interplay of coalitions and interest groups.
Ways to utilise influence and relationships to promote acceptance of a new strategy or to improve operational effectiveness with focus on:

  • Why people behave as they do.
    • Need for achievement (how to win)
    • Need for affiliation (to be accepted or identified with a particular social group)
    • Need for power (to get others to do what is wanted)
  • The nature of formal and informal organisation structures.
    • Information flow and decision making processes are often interactive, circuitous and horizontal. Organisation chart contra the shadow organisation.
  • How groups of people use their power and compete.
    • The methods individuals and groups use to acquire, keep or restore control and influence over others to gain personal benefit, be seen as symbol of power, reputation or position.

4. Personal needs having to do with the leader’s emotional requirements, tolerance of stress, and the ability to stay on an even keel in the face of pressure.
The leader’s personal well-being, satisfaction and happiness so she/ he can be:

  • Physically energised
  • Emotionally connected
  • Mentally focused and sometimes
  • Spiritually aligned with a purpose beyond the immediate self-interest.
"Sometimes you have to close your eyes to see better.”

You will experience One-to-One sessions in the following pattern:



You will experience that you will add value within:

  1. Strengthen both your business and your personal brand.
  2. Highlighting the critical issues necessary to achieving success.
  3. Creating an environment where your can test your thinking.
  4. Your support to the rest of the organization concerning your vital commercial and relational objectives.
  5. Your own clarity about present and future roles.
  6. Clarity in your own “life strategy”.
  7. Awareness of own leadership style, capacity and capability.
  8. Your focus on internal and external challenges facing you in your present position and your next - and how to deal with them.