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Some reflections from clients


With the dedication and positive attitude the coaches are working you just have to get results.
I experienced that encouragement was pumped into my system because I was helped to see
opportunities to improve and progress. I am also grateful for the generosity of sharing their
experiences and knowledge with me in my relevant areas of improvement. At times the sessions
were enriching and an eye opening experience.

Adhip Barua, CEO, Zebec Marine Services, India.

It was a very good experience to be taken at ease and made aware of my areas of improvement in
a non-conflict generating manner. These sessions have improved my personal development both
as a leader on how to operate the business and drive value creation and also as a person. My wife
and family are very grateful that I have been coached and mentored in this way.

Carl Christian Ribe, Chief Financial Officer, Citibank, Norway.

The skills I have learned through this process help me see myself more clearly in the workplace and
the impact I have on others. The coach’s experience and style is almost completely complementary
to my own – which has been extremely helpful to me in understanding the world of work from
another perspective. I have expressed my leadership values to my team and others and I have
found this enormously powerful and there is no way I would have done this without these coaches.
I feel more grounded, more competent and more flexible.

Rani Koya, Subsurface Manager, Pre-Developments, Hess Oil, USA.

This process has let me rethink my own situation and future. Without this coaching and mentoring
many of the considerations, aspects, ideas and actions would not have come up. It is also good to
have external facilitators in a safe environment to help me in the thinking process and to be forced
to rethink different aspects. I also got some reconfirmations which were very useful.

Tuck Heng Lee, Senior Partner and Head of Assurance PricewaterhouseCoopers, Malaysia.

I have a better understanding what motivates me. – It has become clearer to me and my vision is incorporated into my daily work. The path forward has been crystallized so I can be ready for it when it happens. I have now “thinking time” and free time slots opposed to fire fighting when I deal with different issues. I am now taking more risks and I am bringing myself out of my comfort zone and enable me to grow exponentially.

Oon Jin Yeoh, Senior Partner and Head of Assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Singapore.

I found the sessions very useful and interesting by putting things in a bigger perspective. It made me able to formulate and then focus on good practical actions, based on fruitful exchange of views concerning internal and external challenges.

Elmar Bouma, CEO Indonesian Netherlands Business Council, Indonesia.